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Founded near Richmond, VA. TDS will work locally and globally to help you implement the right technology for your needs.


We aren’t built by sales. We are built by engineers. Our goal is to help you figure out how your organization can improve, grow and sustain with the right technology. We have an eye on the cloud with our feet in the data center. We’ll work hand in hand to figure out your destination

Buy v Build

It doesn’t matter to us if you buy or build. TDS will implement off the shelf products or work with you to build your own. We can help you leverage your in house development staff or bring in some of our high quality engineers to get you into the end zone.

Case study: Built in the cloud

Today, companies are realizing the value of losing their data centers and going to the cloud. Whether you’re established or just starting out, let’s go through a few exercises to help determine what your ideal data center strategy is. The cloud has a ton of advantages, including getting onto a “pay what you use” strategy. If you’re small, build your applications for free. When you grow, then you start paying for usage. If you’re established already, look to leverage your existing user base or data strategy to get the best bang for your buck in a data center

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Modernizing TechnologyWhether it's a refresh or a rewrite, we can work with you to enhance your business with enabling technologies. Data capture, analysis, search and retrieval are among our expertise.